Stryka Battery to suit ICOM BP232 7.4V 940mAh Li-ion

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Replaces Battery Model:
BP-230; BP-230N; BP-231; BP231; BP-231N; BP-232; BP232; BP-232H; BP-232N; CS-ICM232TW; HIM1045; TWB-BP232

Fits Device Model:
IC-4011; IC-A14; IC-A14S; IC-F14; IC-F14S; IC-F15; IC-F15S; IC-F16; IC-F16S; IC-F24; IC-F24S; IC-F25; IC-F25S; IC-F25SR; IC-F26; IC-F26S; IC-F3011; IC-F3011 41 RC; IC-F3021; IC-F3021S; IC-F3021T; IC-F3023S; IC-F3023T; IC-F3061; IC-F3061S; IC-F3061T; IC-F3062; IC-F3062S; IC-F3062T; IC-F3161; IC-F3161D; IC-F3161DS; IC-F3161DT; IC-F3161DT 66 RR; IC-F3161S; IC-F3161T; IC-F3162; IC-F3163S; IC-F3163T; IC-F33; IC-F33G; IC-F33GS; IC-F33GS 56; IC-F33GT; IC-F34; IC-F34G; IC-F34GS; IC-F4011; IC-F4011 41 RC; IC-F4011 42 RC; IC-F4021; IC-F4021S; IC-F4021T; IC-F4023S; IC-F4023T; IC-F4029SDR; IC-F4061; IC-F4061S; IC-F4061T; IC-F4062; IC-F4062S; IC-F4062T; IC-F4161; IC-F4161D; IC-F4161DS; IC-F4161DT; IC-F4161S; IC-F4161T; IC-F4162; IC-F4163S; IC-F4163T; IC-F43; IC-F43G; IC-F43GS; IC-F43GS 82; IC-F43GS 91; IC-F43GT; IC-F43GT 32; IC-F43T; IC-F43TR; IC-F43TR 51; IC-F43TR 5; IC-F44; IC-F44G; IC-F44GS; IC-F44GT

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