Super Sport Lithium SLFP30HL-BS Lithium MC Battery

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Super Sport Lithium SLFP30HL-BS MC Battery

Key Features

  • Long Life with over 2000 cycles

  • Built in battery protection

  • Low self-discharge: <5% per month

  • Extremely light : 1/3 the weight of Lead Acid

  • Patented silicone rubber cover and pad

  • Excellent performance with high power density cell and instantaneous discharge up to 50C

  • Cylindrical cell

  • No corrosive liquid, not toxic

  • Wide temperature range: -10oC 55oC


  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Increased safety and protection

  • Start your bike even after 12month storage

  • Light weights / increase performance for racing bikes

  • Vibration and skid resistant

  • More power, start first time every time

  • Safe / Long life / high performanceIncreased power output

  • Can be installed in any direction

  • Environmentally friendlyOperates in all conditions

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