Turtle Factory Programmable Charger 0.1A-5A (Li-Ion, Li-Po, LiFE, NiCd, NiMH, SLA)


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Ionix 0-75VDC Inp .8-50VDC Out Univ Prog Turtle Chgr PCB 90W


Ionix 0-75VDC Inp .8-50VDC Out Univ Prog Turtle Chgr PCB 90W. Turtle Charger factory programmable charger for most types of rechargeable batteries including Li-Ion, Li-Po, LiFE, NiCd, NiMH, SLA. 0.1A up to 5A charge rate. The Turtle CH-TSB003PCBR5 is an internal battery charger for fitment into OEM designs. The charger is suitable for all rechargeable battery chemistries. It is custom programmed by our engineers to suit your design requirements with charging power up to 100 watts available. Pre-programming includes functions setting charging current and charging voltage, constant current, constant voltage, pre-conditioning, float charging, charge termination methods and setting. Input and output cabling and connector options for all international markets are available upon request.

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