Uniden BT990 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH

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Stryka battery for Uniden BT990 3.6V 800mAh Ni-MH

Replaces Battery Model:

BBTY0373001; BBTY0414001; BBTY0494001; BP2499; BP990; BT-2499;BT900;BT-900; BT990;BT-990; CTB48;CTB48-BP1; PUN543; TRB-1000; TRB-8258; 23-964; CS-BP990CL

Fits Device Model:

Uniden ANA9710, BBTY0373001, BBTY0414001, BBTY0494001, BP2499, BP990, BT2499, BT990, EXP990, EXR2460, EXR2480, EXS9110, EXS9110i, EXS9500, EXS9600, EXS9650, EXS9660, EXS9800 , BP-2499, BP-990, BT-2499, BT-990, EXP-990, EXR-2460, EXR-2480, EXS-9110, EXS-9110i, EXS-9500, EXS-9600, EXS9650, EXS9660, EXS9800, EXS9005, EXR2400, DG900, DG940, DG980, DGA900, DGA940, DGAI980 Toshiba ANA9710, BT-415, DKT2204-CT, FT-8258, FT-8508, FT-8808, FT-8908, FT-8958, RC005634, RC008577, SG-1000, SX-2258BK, SX-2808BK, SX-2908BK, TRB-1000, TRB-8258, BT415, DKT2204CT, FT8258, FT8508, FT8808, FT8908, FT8958, RC005634, RC008577, SG1000, SX2258, SX2808, SX2908 Radio Shack 43-1119, 960-1463, ET-1119 AT&T BT990 AVAYA 700313067, 3810, 3910, BT-2499A

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