Varta Rapid LCD AA and AAA NiMH 2 Hour Charger

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Varta's 2 hour rapid LCD charger is designed for modern NiMH AA and AAA batteries . Providing quick charging of either 2 or 4 x AA/ AAA batteries . Ideal for toys and high drain devices. The charger features large LCD screen that provide status of the battery in a bar graph format.

The Varta innovative LCD charger will not overcharge batteries, switching to trickle charge to maintain the batteries at optimum voltage when the charging process is finished. Operating of either normal AC power or 12v cigarette lighter or a standard USB socket.

The battery charger features many innovative Varta safety features including reveres polarity, incorrect battery type (non-rechargeable) as well as over temperature cut off.


Bad cell and alkaline detection
2 hour charging time
Minus delta v charging method for optimum charging of modern AA and AAA NiMH batteries
AC, USB or 12v power
Battery over temperature cut off
Safety timer that switches off to avoid over charging of bad batteries


Cell Size: AA or AAA
Cell Configuration: 2 or 4 pieces
Charge Current AAA: 350mah
Charge Current AA: 1400mah (2 x AA), 700mah (4 x AA)
Battery Types: AA or AAA NiMH
Input Voltage AC: Worldwide Voltage
Input Voltage DC: 12v Cigarette Lighter or 5v USB

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