3 AG3 Battery Equivalents When You Can't Find AG3s

AG3 batteries are small, reliable, high-performance button cells typically used in small consumer electronics such as: 

  • Laser pointers
  • Driver alert earpieces
  • Watches
  • Flashlights
  • Hearing aids
  • Digital thermometers
  • Security system panels
  • Cameras
  • Sugar level detectors
  • Calculators
  • Alarm transmitters
  • Blood pressure equipment

They are powered by alkaline chemistry with the following specifications:

Feature Description
Nominal Voltage 1.5 V
Dimensions 7.6 X 3.6 mm
Weight 0.7 g
Capacity 35 mAh

If you can’t find an AG3 battery, here are some reliable replacement options with similar performance characteristics.

Option 1 - Alkaline Direct AG3 Battery Replacements

Ansmann LR41-V3GA-192-L736 1.5V Alkaline battery
Direct replacements for the AG3 include LR41, LR192, 92A, LR736, 192, 384, and AG341. These are all button cells with alkaline chemistry and have a zinc anode with a manganese or carbon-based cathode.

These cells also have the same dimensions as the AG3 and have similar high-performance profiles.

The table below shows the main features of the direct battery replacements.
Feature Description
Nominal Voltage 1.50 V
Capacity 25–32 mAh
Operating Temperature 0 – 60°C
Diameter 7.9 mm
Height 3.6 mm
Composition Alkaline
Rechargable No

Expert Tip:
The common denominator among the direct battery replacements is the alkaline chemistry, size and voltage. If any of the main parameters differ, it isn’t a direct replacement. 


Option 2 - Silver Oxide Longer-Lasting AG3 Battery Replacements

Energizer 329TZ-BP5 1.55V 39mAh Silver Oxide Battery SR731SW for watches

If you want a replacement that provides a longer life span, you can swap the alkaline AG3 batteries for button cells with silver oxide chemistry.

They have a higher power output per unit size than alkaline batteries, delivering an energy density of 500 Wh/L—double the density of alkaline batteries.
Silver oxide batteries also deliver a stable operating voltage. This means a longer useful life since the voltage will only drop when the battery is spent.

The batteries also have higher leakage resistance than alkaline batteries. The leak-proof seals prevent the electrolyte from seeping out and damaging your devices which is a common concern with alkaline batteries.

The table below shows the common silver oxide batteries with similar dimensions and voltage profiles to take the place of the AG3.

Model Voltage(V) Capacity (mAh) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
SR41SW 1.55 45 7.9 3.6 0.7
SR731SW 1.55 36 7.9 3.1 0.7
SR726SW 1.55 33 7.9 2.6 0.5
SR721SW 1.55 25 7.9 2.1 0.5
SR41 1.55 39 7.9 3.6 0.7
SR716SW 1.55 23 7.9 1.68 0.3
SR712SW 1.55 10 7.9 1.29 0.25

Always choose a silver oxide battery with a voltage of 1.5–1.55 volts. Any higher and you’ll cause damage to your appliances. Also, check your gadget to see if the replacement battery’s height matches your device. 

Choose the right battery suffix for your gadget

Maxell high drain and low drain silver oxide batteries

Check the suffix on the silver oxide battery before you buy. Cells with the same reference number may function differently depending on the letters in their reference numbers.

Silver oxide cells are grouped into high drain or low drain.

  • The suffix ¨SW¨ at the end of the reference number is used to denote low drain applications.
  • The suffix ¨W¨shows cells that can be used in high drain devices.

SW cells can only be used in appliances that don’t drain large bursts of power, such as analogue watches.

The high drain cells are best for devices that use up more power,such as LED torches and alarms.

Option 3 - Zinc-Air Higher Capacity AG3 Battery Replacements 

A312 zinc-air batteries for hearing aids
If you’re looking for cells with more stored energy, opt for zinc-air batteries. They have a lower voltage at 1.45 volts but a much higher capacity of approximately 180 mAh—about 6 to 7 times the capacity of silver oxide batteries, making them more reliable.

Note: Capacity shows how much active material you’ll find in the battery. It’s an indicator of the battery’s energy under normal conditions.

The high capacity of the zinc-air batteries makes them suitable for high drain applications.

Common zinc-air batteries with similar dimensions to AG3s include:

  • 312 hearing aid cells
  • ZA312
  • PR41
  • 7002ZD
  • Brown Tab

The batteries work through a chemical reaction between zinc metal and oxygen in the air.

Due to their chemistry, they are designed with small openings that allow air to enter. There will be a special sticker covering these holes to prevent the cells from activating while in storage. You should only remove it when you install the battery.

Expert tip: When you peel off the sticker, leave the cell to rest for about 5 minutes to activate before placing it into the gadget for maximum efficiency.

Possible AG3 Replacements

 Energizer 392 silver oxide composition in silver packaging

If you still can’t find a replacement, you may be able to replace your AG3 battery with several other button cells that have reasonably similar dimensions.

However, since they are not an exact match, it will depend on the particular device. Reach out to us at HB Plus Battery Specialists.We can tap into our 30+ years of experience to help you find the right replacement for your gadget.

Here are some possible AG3 battery replacement options:

  • SB-B1
  • 280-13
  • V392
  • D392
  • 247D
  • S736E
  • GP392
  • 392
  • G3
  • V3GA
  • SG3
  • ASG3
  • G3A
  • V36A
  • GP192
  • SR41
  • TR41SW
  • 247B
  • SP392
  • S736S
  • 392A
  • 392X
  • L736H
  • L736S
  • SR736PW
  • RW47
  • RW47S
  • GP392-A1
  • E392
  • LR41H
  • AG03

Expert Tip: The best battery replacement will have the nearest voltage and dimensions to the original battery. 

What Else to Consider When Replacing Batteries

To ensure that your device continues to function properly after replacing the batteries, practice the following precautions.

  • Check expiry dates. The expiry date shows the useful life the cell can give you while performing optimally. Some cells may still work beyond this date, but there are higher chances of short circuits and leakage. Don’t buy industrial bulk packs for home use.
  • Change batteries simultaneously. If your device uses multiple cells, it’s best to replace them all at once. Replacing them one at a time increases the risk of the batteries malfunctioning.

Never mix batteries of different chemical compositions in the same device since this will cause capacity imbalances and mismatches in energy production. When the weakest of the batteries is almost depleted, it will be discharged to dangerously low voltage levels by the stronger ones, resulting in leaking.

Remember to take extra care and precaution when storing these button cells, especially if you have small children around. The cells are small and shiny and young children may swallow them accidentally, leading to serious health challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use lithium batteries to replace AG3s?

Lithium button batteries typically have an operating voltage of 3 V, double the voltage of AG3 batteries. Thus, they are typically not recommended as replacements for AG3s. Using a higher voltage cell on gadgets designed to operate at 1.5 Volts will damage your devices.

However, in some cases, you may be able to replace two AG3 batteries with one lithium battery. Read the manufacturer requirements and consult with an expert before you do so.

What do the prefixes in the battery reference mean?

The prefix before the number denotes the chemical composition of the battery.

  • BR/CR denotes lithium chemistry
  • L shows an alkaline composition
  • SR represents silver oxide
  • LR means alkaline
  • SG stands for silver oxide
  • AG is another prefix for alkaline batteries

Note: Manufacturers who denote silver oxide batteries with SR will also use LR for alkaline cells. Those using SG for silver oxide also use AG for alkaline. 

Does storing batteries in the refrigerator help? 

No. While the refrigerator lowers the temperature and slows down chemical reactions, it will do more harm than good. The moisture will cause the contacts and seals to corrode, resulting in leaking and poor performance. For best results, store batteries:

  • At room temperature (20–25°C)
  • With moderate humidity levels (35–65%)

Also, avoid storing batteries near metal objects such as keys to avoid short-circuiting.


Get Your AG3 Battery Replacement

Choosing a replacement for your AG3 batteries comes down to the size, voltage and chemical composition.

Your replacement battery should have similar dimensions and voltage characteristics.

  • For a direct replacement, choose another alkaline battery.
  • If you need a longer-lasting option, go for silver oxide.
  • To get higher capacity, the best choice is zinc-air.

If you need help choosing the best alternative for your device, reach out to us at HBPlus Battery Specialists. We have a variety of AG3 button battery equivalents and alternative replacements and we’ll help you decide which one works best for your device.

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