5 Things That Make Procell A Great Choice When It Comes To Industrial Batteries

Duracell did not only focus on redesigning their batteries for the professional market but also worked on improving their performance. Procell, intended for professional usage, provides optimal performance, quality, and reliability which is also the go-to battery of Original Equipment Manufacturers and Professional End-Users alike. 

You are probably wondering what's new with the Procell range and what makes it better than its competitors. In this article, we will discuss 5 things that make Procell a great choice when it comes to Industrial batteries


  1. Minimizes Costly Battery Replacements

Equipment Manufacturers and End-Users need reliable and efficient batteries to help their businesses gain profit. To achieve profitability, it is best to find batteries that offer an extended battery life to minimize frequent replacements.

Procell distinguished the needs of users and made an effort to discover a way to prolong battery life by engineering device-specific batteries with distinct power profiles. The redesigned Alkaline battery boasts longer-lasting performance for general-purpose devices. Procell also offers the Alkaline Intense Power Battery, which is recommended for high drain devices.


  1. Better Cell Design

The Alkaline batteries are produced using the Superior Cell Design that ensures premium cell construction. Its new design uses high-quality materials and undergoes a stringent production process to guarantee efficiency and reliability. The superior alkaline design allows usage in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 54°C and batteries are tested for safety and consistent performance.


  1. Safe and Dependable

Procell alkaline batteries are one of the most long-lasting in the market today. It delivers exceptional performance and dependability by assuring up to 7-years of power. Also, it has no added mercury and is very safe to use. The date is also coded to ensure freshness.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

The production of Procell includes packaging that is fully recyclable and produces less waste. Alkaline batteries, in general, do contain copper, cadmium, nickel, lithium, and zinc; but, most of the elements that are used to make batteries are naturally sourced and poses no threat to our ecosystem. 

Additionally, these types of batteries are not classified as dangerous by the EPA. The batteries are non-toxic and can be safely disposed of in trash cans and landfills without risking the environment. However, while it's possible to recycle alkaline batteries, some recycling companies don't accept it because it is difficult to recover useful materials from them.


  1. Rechargeable vs. Non-Rechargeable

While rechargeable batteries allow you to "recharge" them after long usage, non-rechargeable ones are cheaper and can be used as soon as possible without waiting for it to be fully charged. Also, non-rechargeable batteries like Procell maintain their voltage for long periods of time while their counterparts are known to lose their voltage after a certain time. Non-rechargeable batteries are also great for people on the move because they can use it instantly and effortlessly. 

Procell is made in collaboration with manufacturers to make sure that it will be efficient enough to last longer than the others, saving you from preventable operating costs. It also has a quality warranty to assure customers of its dependability. Because it is used by manufacturers around the world, its reliability and durability are definitely undeniable.