2016+ KTM Lithium Battery Failing to start. Here is the only suitable fix

It is no secret that the new lightweight MX and Cross Country models that they released in 2016 have issues with starting the bikes, especially when temperatures are cooler. It doesnt have to be like this and we have the fix for you.

First thing to do is to check that your bike has the poorly performing lithium battery in it. If you look in your bikes user manual and look for the battery model number. If it says C22S it is the Lithium battery

Just incase you missed it in the short content all these models including but not limited too should run the C22S lithium battery:


  • 250SX-F
  • 350SX-F
  • 450SX-F
  • 250XC-
  • 350XC-F
  • 450XC-F
  • 300XC


  • FC250
  • FC350
  • FC450

There are several ways listed online in forums and blogs with workarounds and modifications which are really only a bandaid solution or cause an increase weight. These includes things from replacing the new battery box to the old style and running the bigger battery to warm up techniques and running special warming wires.

There really is only one fix for this issue and it is to do away with the lithium battery KTM give you and replace it with the an aftermarket replacement actually designed for performance. The only battery on the market at the moment that does the job is the SSB Lithium LH4LK 12V 130CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) Battery

It is a simple swap and requires you to remove the seat (2 bolts), remove the battery clamp (1 bolt) and then disconnect the 2 terminals (2 nuts and bolts).

You may need to move the ECU out of the way while you fit it and then you can simply push it back on easily.

And there you have it this is the guaranteed way to solve you problems and improve starting performance and reliability without an increase in weight.