Electric Cars And Their Supercharged Challenges

In a time where environmental issues and fuel shortages are our biggest threat, Electric Cars are the light at the end of the tunnel. With Tesla, BMW, Mercedes and many other companies in the race to manufacture an appealing electric car, it seems as if it’s this generation’s space race. As fully sick as they are, EV’s still have their downfalls.

1. They aren't cheap

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 2.11.47 pm

The main issue with Electric Cars is that since it is still relatively new technology, and they are not widely produced, they carry a hefty price tag. The cheapest Tesla you can get is still over $35,000. Even with tax credits and government subsidies, that’s a lot of money. So they're not exactly "Red P-plater on a budget" friendly

2. They're not pretty...

Ugly EV

It may be a matter of personal preference, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing

Manufactures have designed these cars with the future in mind, however, they may have gotten a little caught up in the sci-fi fantasy. This may be okay for people who like to turn heads on the road, but it fails to hit the market of people who want a simple car to get them from Point A to Point B.

3. They run off computer software

Look, it’s 2018, computers are everywhere and everything. It’s only natural that modern cars become operated by computers.
Unfortunately, with more computers comes a higher security risk.

If hackers can get access celebrity nudes, surely, they can access a car. The FBI has actually issued a warning regarding car hacking via the internet. In one case hackers managed to kill the transmission of a Grand Cherokee.

This is a major risk as, people need to feel safe and in control of their own vehicle.
The other issue with this is that companies may abuse their power and use software updates to ruin the performance of older models, the way Apple did in 2017.

4. They cause a massive fireball If they crash

It was bad enough when smartphone batteries where exploding in people’s faces, but car explosions are next level.
Tesla batteries are very powerful, which poses a greater risk in the event of a crash.

As recently as May 2018, two teens were killed in the US after their Tesla crashed and caught fire. Reportedly, the fire was so huge, it was impossible for them to escape.

As the demand for more powerful car batteries grows, manufacturers need to make safety their top priority during production of their vehicles.



As electric cars are becoming more desirable, people who work in the automotive industry are being left behind.

With robots and AI already posing a threat to factory jobs, increased demand for Electric Vehicles will only extend this threat further, as EVs require less manufacturing labour than fuel-based cars and are easier to build using machines. There is also a threat to jobs in the oil industry.

But let’s not be cynical, with exiting new technologies becoming reality each day, perhaps EV’s can help grow new industries and jobs in the future.

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