4 Benefits of Powerful AAAA Batteries

It’s one thing to find batteries that fit a small device, but do they provide the right amount of power and longevity for your needs?

It’s always a pain to have to replace batteries after a short period. That's why it’s advisable to find the best quality available.

AAAA batteries (commonly referred to as Quadruple-A or LR61) are smaller than the commonly used AAA and AA sizes. They are used to power small gadgets such as LED penlights, glucose meters, laser pointers, headphone amplifiers and powered computer styluses.

Despite their diminutive size, they can pack upwards of 1.5 volts of power in a slim cylindrical cell that measures 42.5 mm in length and has a diameter of 8.3 mm.

See how the AAAA alkaline battery stacks up against other variants in terms of general characteristics:

Battery Type Length Diameter Uses
AAAA 42.5 mm 8.33 mm Laser pointers, LED pen lights, styluses, etc.
AAA 44.5 mm 10.5 mm TV remotes, cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth, etc.
AA 49.2 mm–50.5 mm 13.5 mm –14.5 mm Toys, remote controls, clocks, etc.
C 50 mm 26.2 mm Torches, toys, etc.
D 61.5 mm 33.2 mm Large torches, transistor radios, etc.
F 91mm 33mm High current devices