4 Super Start Battery Choices For Your Car

Super Start Batteries, commonly known as SSB Batteries, are designed, manufactured and tested for Australian roads. The company is known for manufacturing batteries for a wide range of uses and regularly develops batteries for various vehicles. 

The SSB brand is considered among Australia’s largest battery suppliers and epitomises the genuine Aussie spirit. Today, we’ll help you narrow down your choices for a car battery from the assortment of Super Start batteries available. Let’s jump right in.

Dual Purpose AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

AGM deep cycle batteries are made from lead-acid chemistry. Their sulphuric acid electrolyte is absorbed inside a fibreglass mat next to the lead plates, making them spillproof. 

They have a significantly lower internal resistance compared to traditional lead-acid cells. In addition, the rate of self-discharge is extremely low in the cells of an AGM deep cycle. This means they have longer shelf lives. 

They can also handle significant temperature fluctuations and operate at -40 degrees celsius with a CCA of 800 to 1000 depending on the battery’s capacity. On the other extreme, they can go up to 80 degrees celsius.  

Note: CCA refers to cold-cranking amps, which measures how fast a battery can start in freezing weather. The higher the number, the better.

Technical Specifications

Voltage 12
Capacity AH (20hr) 85
CCA 620
Reserve Capacity 160
Regular Charge 8
Length 260mm
Width 167mm
Height 208mm
Terminal Height 231mm
Weight 23KG