We've covered equipment you may want to buy, now here are some fun accessories 

Graphics Kit 


If you want to make your bike look cooler and stand out more why not invest in a nice set of stickers to really brighten it up?

These ones are perfect if you're a 15-year-old year nine kid who really wants to spice up their bike! Just kidding!






Steg Pegz


Steg Pegz allow you to grip and control your bike with your legs. They take the pressure off your arms while giving you more effortless control over your bike. They are also said to reduce fatigue and arm pump. To top all that they’re also lightweight and easy to install. 





Chain Wax




Chain Wax is a handy spray that lubricates the chain on your bike, keeping it protected and durable for the long haul.

Applying this after every ride and regularly while the bike isn't being used will keep your chains nice and fresh and greatly enhance performance on the track.



















Power platform 


Not only does this keep your bike elevated when you’re working on it in the garage, but it lets you show it off to guests in the living room! Easy to fold away and store when not in use, this is a great tool to have that can be set up anywhere.