Batteries for Nativity Candles

It happens to us every year. It gets to around the 10th off December and we get a flood of phone calls from churches, catholic schools, Christian schools and other religious groups all with the same urgent problem that they need to be solved. They have bought these fantastic battery-operated candles for their carols by candlelight and they didn't come with batteries!!

Don't worry, we are prepared for this and we have your back!

You need bulk batteries and you need them yesterday! There are a couple of great options for the electric candle batteries.

The Duracell Procell Industrial batteries are the premium choice for the electric candle batteries however as they are most likely for a giveaway and a single-use item most people only need to buy cheap batteries for the electric candles. For this purpose, we recommend a good "cheap" battery if that makes sense? You can in most cases get away with using a carbon-zinc super heavy-duty battery in your battery-powered electric candles.

If you are trying hard to stick within a budget then look no further than the Camelion AA or AAA Carbon Zinc Super Heavy Duty Batteries. Whilst they won't perform anywhere near the level of the Duracell or Duracell Procell batteries they may just be the perfect choice for you and make you go from zero to hero in everyone's eyes.