Battery Breakdown: Fusion Lithium Range

The lithium deep cycle batteries by Fusion are a range of high-performance lithium phosphate energy stage solutions. With an ultra-long life and extremely quick recharge time, this robust battery will get you where you need to go.

Why Fusion?

Made with LifePO4 cells , these things are extremely energy dense, meaning they store a lot of energy in a small space. They are extremely lightweight, and can easily slip into any space you put them in.

With a waterproof design, you won’t have to worry about damage when you’re using it.

These are Smart Batteries, meaning they are equipped with an inbuilt Battery Management System for cell balancing and added protection. Read more about Smart Batteries here.

These batteries do not require special lithium chargers and may be charged using most normal 12V sealed lead acid battery chargers and alternators.



- Motorcycles

- Mobility scooters

- Golf Buggy/NEV/utility vehicles


While lithium batteries do pose a fire risk, Fusion’s state of the art design features with fire retardant ABS plastic cases and also contain no corrosive liquid, making them extremely safe to use and protects them against the usual risks associated with lithium batteries. 

If environmental impact is among your top concerns, you won’t have to worry as Fusion Lithium Batteries are 100% organic, fully recyclable and pollution free.


Fusion batteries come with a full 3-year replacement warranty.