CHECKLIST - Is My Bike Ready for Motocross?

We've covered the different types of bikes you can get for motocross and all the safety gear and equipment that you'll need. So now it's time to see if you have everything covered.

If you already own a bike and you’re unsure whether or not it's suited to the extreme sport of motocross, this article will help.

We’ve compiled a checklist for you to see if your bike is ready and equipped for the track.

1 – Tyre quality

Are your tires pumped up?

Are they fitted properly?

Have you chosen the correct tyres for your bike?

Will my tyres withstand the track’s they’re riding on?


2 – Battery

Is the battery charged?

Are all the cables connected properly and tightened?

Have I brought the correct type of battery for my bike?

Have I checked the warranty?

4 – Weight

Is my bike the correct weight for motocross sports?

4 - Brake check 

Have I checked the lever tension

Am I checking the brake pads regularly?


5 – Fluids

Are there any oil, water or fluid leaks?

Have the radiator and engine hoses been checked for holes or splits?

Are the oil and water tanks full?


6 – Safety

Have I got a good helmet?

Does my armor fit me properly?