CR2 Lithium Battery Replacement

The world glorifies the CR2 lithium battery used in cameras, golf rangefinders, weapon-mounted lights, EDC flashlights, and security devices.

The term CR2 denotes a standard, cylindrical-type lithium battery. Photo batteries (such as the CR2)  are generally of this type. That’s because their compact nature makes them an excellent choice for portable electronic devices.

CR2 lithium batteries are a primary cell. They cannot be recharged.

The shelf life of a CR2 battery depends on the model and the brand. For example, the Energizer brand stresses their batteries more than other manufacturers, ensuring comparative endurance under high strain.

A typical battery lasts between 3 and 10 years. This makes them excellent for standby/emergency devices like panic lights, EDC flashlights, and medical equipment.

Today’s reading will give you a better understanding of the CR2 battery and its rechargeable replacement.

CR2 Battery Chemistry

The CR2 is a 3-volt battery measuring 27mm (length) and 15.6mm (diameter). Its technology consists of lithium, alkaline, and Li-Ion. It has a super-high discharge rate because of the manganese oxide in its positive electrode and the spiral nature of its polar plate.

Additionally, the battery is equipped with a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) safety device to limit current during short circuit conditions.

Part Number CR2
Chemical System Lithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
Typical Lithium content 0.28 grams
Nominal voltage (Open circuit voltage) 3.0V
Typical capacity 800mAH (to 2.0volts, rated at 100 ohms at 21℃)
Nominal capacity 850mAH
Continuous drain (standard discharge current) 20mA
Dimensions 15.6 mm (max diameter) 27.0 mm (max height)
Typical Weight 11.0g
Typical volume 5.2 cm3
Temperature range Discharge: -40℃ to 60℃ Storage: -40℃ to 75℃
Maximum continuous discharge current 1000 mA continuous (2500 mA pulse)
Maximum reverse charge 2 µA

CR2 Batteries Cross Reference Chart

CR2 batteries share several properties across several brands: low discharge rates, a nominal voltage of 3V, and a 2V cut-off voltage.

CR2 Battery Manufacturer Discharge Current Cycles (On/Off testing in Secs) Volts at Room Temperature Capacity
Energizer Continuous maximum drainage of 1000 mA, with a max pulse of 2500 mA 400 cycles (3s/7s) 760 cycles (3s/7s) 1.8V 1.8V 800 mAh (down to 2V, @21℃), rating of 100 ohms.
Panasonic Continuous drain of 20mA, with a max. pulse of 900 mA 1000 cycles (3s/27s) 1.8V 850 mAh
GP2 Continuous drain of 10mA, with a max. pulse of 900 mA 900 cycles (3s/27s) 1.6V 800 mAh (down to 1.8V, @23℃)
Varta Continuous drain of 20mA, with a max. pulse of 900 mA 900 cycles (3s/27s) 1.5V 850 mAh (down to 2.0V, @25℃)