Duracell vs. Energizer: Which AA Industrial Battery Type Should I Use?

Industrial applications incorporate devices located on-site in critical applications, often in hard-to-reach locations or locations where replacing the battery requires a fair amount of effort. In such instances, battery replacement and recharging can be very difficult & costly.

Devices like these include remote wireless sensors, automotive toll tags, GPS tracking devices, and process control and monitoring gadgets that thrive in extreme environmental conditions and can operate for over ten years outdoors.

You need an ideal power management option in such an instance, as battery failure could easily mean device failure. Industrial-grade batteries come in well to efficiently deliver power for optimal operation of the device in such a case.

This guide helps you quickly look at industrial batteries and their properties. Duracell and Energizer industrial AA batteries will be considered, and you’ll hopefully make an informed choice from now on.

What Are Industrial Batteries?

Industrial batteries are made for endurance. They’re deployed in remote locations and are meant to last much longer. For example, industrial-grade lithium batteries are deployed to bridges to monitor structural stress.

When seeking to deploy them, you could consider factors such as the number of devices to be handled and the effort it would take to replace the battery. These will inform the initial investment needed to purchase, deploy and replace the battery.