Is it possible to invent a 100% eco-friendly, organic battery?

Organic products are becoming more and more widely used these days since the demand for eco-friendly products is becoming so high. So is an entirely organic battery such a crazy idea?

The business case for building one

There’s actually a pretty strong case for building one. For starters, the existing concepts for an organic battery suggest they would have rapid charging, more flexibility, and be smaller in size, so they can be used in many applications.  

So why aren’t any battery manufactures looking into building a sustainable, organic battery?

They kind of are… 

Currently, there are manufacturers who are trying to develop an Organic Radical Battery (ORB) and have been for the past 13 years. These batteries use an organic radical polymer to produce energy, hence the name. 

The perks of an ORB

Organic Radical Batteries are extremely thin, measuring at just 0.3mm. and the best part is due to the gel that is used in the battery’s core, they can charge in roughly 30 seconds! This would be highly beneficial for a smartphone, tablet and laptop manufactures, in making their products smaller and more compact. It will also be useful for RFID applications. 

They’re also good for the environment, and in a time where battery and e-waste are becoming such an issue, this is a really good thing. 

Cool! Where can I get one?

Unfortunately, they’re not available for consumers just yet, as they’re still in development. But hopefully soon, they’ll be available for consumer use, but for now, we're stuck with boring old lithium batteries!