A NiMH Battery is an abbreviation for Nickel Metal Hydride Battery. 

NiMH batteries are commonly found in smaller devices that are used frequently for long periods of time, such as:

-       Digital cameras. 

-       MP3 players. 

-       GPS systems.

-       Cordless phones. 

They have many similarities to NiCd batteries, with a similar chemical reaction process and they both use nickel oxide hydroxide. 

NiMH batteries have a highly advantageous cycle life, allowing them to be recharged hundreds of times. However, this isn’t as impressive as the cycle life that lithium-ion batteries offer.

Other benefits of NiMH batteries are that they are very energy dense, and they can also be used in products that take NiCd batteries, due to their similarities. For manufacturers, many of the issues and constraints are non-existent. They are also slightly less toxic than other types of batteries. They also have a 5-year battery life, making them suitable a long-term solution.