“Oi, you got a charger?”

“Yeah, here”

“Nah, but a Samsung one though”

This is a regular conversation to hear these days. It seems as if phones have gotten smarter, but batteries have failed to keep up.

Luckily there are steps you can take to keep the quality of your phone’s battery to the highest (and safest) standard.


Charging is complicated. People seem to believe that they should be charging their phones to 100% whenever you can, however this is untrue. With Lithium Ion batteries (used in smart phones), it is actually recommended to keep them above 50 per cent the majority of the time.

Similar to the charge cycle mentioned in our post, “Signs That It’s Time to Fix That Laptop Battery”, fully charging your smartphone on a regular basis is actually damaging to your battery. It is recommended that you do a full re-charge maybe once a month and keep it between 40% and 80%.

Signs Your Battery has Expired

One of the most noticeable (and annoying) signs that your battery has gone bad is that it fails to hold it's charge. If your phone's power levels are dropping from 80% to 30% in under and hour, you need a new battery.

Another sign that it's past its use by is that your phone takes forever to charge, and no matter how long you charge it for, it struggles to reach 100%


We all remember the infamous reports in 2016 of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding, causing people to get injured. In this case it was a result of the batteries being oddly sized, causing overheating from the chemical reactions inside the battery.

Signs of a dangerous battery include

  • Regular overheating
  • Hissing
  • Bulging or swelling

Older batteries are more likely to be dangerous, If you suspect your smartphone has a dangerous battery, take it to your provider or an expert and get them to check it out.

What Phones Have The Best Batteries?

There’s a lot of debate over which brand makes the phones with the best batteries. It is generally accepted that iPhones have poor battery life compared to other brands. Here is a list of the phone brands with the best battery life

  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a battery with a life of nearly 17 hours.
  • Next up, the LG V30, with a 17.5 hour battery life. This phone also has a high-quality camera, it’s waterproof, features wireless charging and unlike the newer iPhones, sports a headphone jack.
  • The OnePlus 6’s battery lasted nearly 16 hours
  • In a tie with the previous phone, the Huawei P20 Pro also lasted 16 hours. However, there are some privacy and security concerns surrounding these phones, and they are actually banned from using the NBN in Australia.

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