4 Best Rechargeable Equivalents for the Duracell CR123A Battery

A replacement battery for a Duracell CR123A battery has to provide the same long-lasting power that the Duracell battery is known for.

Plus, the size and dimensions for the replacement have to be as near as possible to the original.

You can choose to replace your Duracell CR123 with a non-rechargeable 123 lithium cell from other manufacturers like the EL123A from Energizer (see table below).

Manufacturer Name
Eveready EL123A
Panasonic CR123A
Varta CR123A
Procell PL123A
Sanyo CR123A
Maxell CR123
Rayovac RL123A
Energizer EL123

Alternatively, instead of the single-use ultra lithium (LiMnO2) chemistry of the Duracell 123A, you can opt for rechargeable batteries. A battery like this has Li-ion chemistry designed for multiple uses.

Today, we’ll take a look at the best choices of rechargeable batteries to replace your Duracell 123A ultra lithium battery.

CRP2 Batteries

CRP2 batteries can be used to replace CR123A batteries in specific devices.

The CRP2 battery has similar dimensions to CR123A Duracell batteries with a height of 36 mm, length of 35 mm and 19.5 mm diameter.

Dimension CRP2 Duracell 123
Diameter 19.5 16.5
Length 35.8 34

One CRP2 cell can be used to replace two Duracell 123 batteries. The cell looks almost rectangular with cylindrical sides like two round cells joined together and smashed in at the back to flatten it. So it fits easily in the same space as two 123s.

Each cell has a nominal voltage of 6V (the same as two 123s) with a nominal capacity of 1500 mAh.

16650 Cylindrical Battery

16650 rechargeable batteries are longer than 123 batteries measuring 65 x 16 mm. However, they can be used as replacement batteries in devices that accommodate the extra length.

You need first to check if your torch or camera has extra room in the battery compartment.

The 16650 is a 3.7 volts lithium-based rechargeable battery which is higher than the 3 volts for 123s. This higher voltage means you can't use 16650s to replace Duracell 123 cells in low output devices as it might damage the device.

The batteries have a slightly higher capacity at 2400mAh (vs 2000 mAh of 123s), so they last a little bit longer than standard 123 batteries.

Feature 16650 123
Voltage 3.7 V 3 V
Capacity 2400mAh 2000mAh