Top 3 Features That Make Duracell Ultra Batteries Suited For Everyday Devices

Duracell is a leading battery manufacturer offering a wide range of batteries, including speciality cells, alkaline, and rechargeable batteries.

The Duracell Ultra batteries are an alkaline range suitable for powering a variety of regular use, high-powered and high-drain devices. These batteries have concentrated power fitted in a dense and compact core that provides users with reliable, long-lasting power in everyday devices.

The battery power results from chemical reactions of two electrodes: zinc and manganese reacting in an electrolyte solution made of sodium or potassium hydroxide. The reaction causes the alkaline batteries to generate a line of electrical current that delivers power to your gadgets.

These high-performance Duracell batteries are perfect for everyday use, delivering up to 1.27V after powering a 500 lumens LED torch for 230 minutes.

Here are the top 3 features of the Duracell Ultra Power batteries range and why they’re the best for everyday use.


Duracell Ultra Alkaline batteries consist of a modified zinc blend with small particles to boost high energy transfer. A high-density core and superior nylon case contain the active materials, prevent leakage, and enable the batteries to deliver more power for longer.

They contain twice as many active ingredients as regular zinc-carbon batteries to power high drain devices, like boomboxes, high-power motorized toys, and digital cameras. This range of batteries is also suitable for delivering long-lasting power to low-energy use devices, such as remote controls.

According to 2015 IEC test results, Duracell Ultra Alkaline AA batteries last up to 100% compared to ordinary carbon-zinc AA/AAA batteries.

Comparing The Power Of Duracell Ultra Batteries To Leading Zinc Batteries

One Duracell Ultra battery delivers reliable, long-lasting power for as long as 12 regular zinc batteries. However, these results may vary by device and usage pattern.

Here’s a table depicting these differences.

  Leading Zinc Batteries Duracell Ultra AA Alkaline Batteries
In a digital camera 1 flash 62 flashes
In motorized toys 1 hour playtime 4 ½ hours playtime
With portable lighting 1 hour of light More than 5 hours of light

Duralock Technology

These Ultra batteries feature a unique power preservation system. The system known as the Duralock technology keeps unused Duracell batteries powered for up to 10 years in ambient storage.

The Duralock technology is available across all Ultra power battery sizes, which include  AA/AAA/C/D. The technology preserves power in the following ways.

  • Protecting the anode and cathode with a thin separator that guards against power transfer when batteries are not in use
  • Leveraging the finest ingredients that are as pure as 99.99% zinc or 24-carat gold to fuel the chemical power
  • The contents of the batteries are triple protected using an anti-corrosive and acid-resistant exterior

Additionally, the batteries feature an integrated Powercheck technology that allows you to see how much power is remaining in each battery. You can check this by simply pressing the white dots on both ends of the battery. Then, the energy meter with a colour coded gauge displays the power left in the batteries.

This technology helps you to

  • Avoid unwelcome interruptions 
  • Know if you can re-use your batteries by removing them from a high drain to a low drain device 
  • See if it's time to dispose of the batteries.


Duracell Ultra Alkaline batteries deliver ultimate performance across various everyday use devices. That's why they're available in different sizes for use on multiple devices. For instance, Duracell Ultra Alkaline AA batteries are best for use in low power drain devices, such as toys, because they last longer than the other sizes.

On the other hand, you can rely on AAA batteries with a higher voltage and more current to power your high-power devices, like video game controllers.