Battery Sizes Australia, Your Ultimate Buyer's Guide

1 Battery types/sizes - knowing your options better
2 The “big 5” battery sizes
      2.1 AA batteries
      2.2 AAA batteries
      2.3 C batteries
      2.4 D batteries
      2.5 9V batteries
3 Other common battery types and sizes
      3.1 Primary batteries
      3.2 Lithium batteries
      3.3 CR2
      3.4 23A
4 Watch batteries
      4.1 CR2032
      4.2 CR2025
      4.3 CR2016
      4.4 CR927
      4.5 CR1025
      4.6 CR1216
      4.7 CR1220
      4.8 CR2430
      4.9 CR2450
      4.10 CR1225
      4.11 CR1616
5 Rechargeable batteries
6 Car batteries
7 Specialty batteries
8 The bottom-line
9 Frequently asked questions
      9.1 Where to buy different battery sizes
      9.2 Do you offer bulk pricing?
      9.3 Can you charge a phone with a 9V battery


Battery sizes Australia capture the attention of professionals and the corporate world for years. This is also true for the many individuals who are using batteries for domestic and other personal preferences. If you are wondering what battery options and sizes are available for you in Australia, then read on this article and see how this ultimate buyer’s guide can help to get the most out of your batteries or even save more while getting superior quality batteries and optimized devices.

battery sizes



Get to know the different options for battery types and sizes Australia and consider the best ones for domestic, professional, industrial, and other uses. Different sizes serve various purposes and devices that you can use in different settings in any industry across the globe. For this buyer’s guide to work for you better, I will introduce you to the different sizes that are available in Australia. The different battery types follow along with the various functions these serve in giving you reliable power solutions for all applications.



Here are the “Big 5” battery sizes that you can buy online or even offline in the Australian market. These are not actually the biggest in size but in popularity or high market demand.

Different battery sizes, Big 5 batteries 


The AA batteries are also called Double A batteries. AA is one of the Big 5 in the battery market. The AA battery comes with different battery chemistries such as AlkalineLithiumLithium-ionNiCad, and NiMHCarbon Zinc or other Lithium-based ones. Battery dimensions and characteristics slightly vary based on battery chemistry. AA battery comes as both primary and rechargeable cells. These are commonly used in almost all portable devices such as remote controls, toys, and game controllers, calculators, clocks, hand sanitisers, and other gadgets. These come as either disposable or rechargeable batteries.

Price Range

- Primary AA: $0.97 - $30 approx. (depending on brand and package options)

- Rechargeable AA - Price starts at approximately $5.84/piece

Procell INTENSE Power AA, Procell Alkaline AA batteries


The AAA batteries are smaller than AA batteries. These are also fondly called as the Triple-A batteries. Like the AA batteries, Triple-A cells have disposable and rechargeable variants. Like Double-A batteries, Triple-A dry cells usually power most portable household items such as clocks, cordless phones, calculators, toys, TV remotes, medical batteries, and other common household devices that require smaller cells. These are also primary and rechargeable batteries. Alkaline and Lithium make up the primary variants while NiCad, NiMH, Lithium-ion, and other chemistries make up the AAA rechargeable batteries. Some brands have designed AAA batteries to be used specifically for high drain devices such as the Procell INTENSE Power AAA batteries. On the other hand, Procell Alkaline AAA batteries are used for general purposes and low drain devices. Other brands may have other battery applications and engineering for the different types of applications used by the various industries and sectors, as in the case of EnergizerDuracellAnsmannEneloopFujitsuPanasonicCamelion, and many more.

Price Range

- Primary AAA: $3.45 - $71.88 approx. (depending on brand and package options)

- Rechargeable AA - Price starts at approximately $3.45/piece

Eneloop AA battery


C Size Battery

The C size is another common cylindrical cell C batteries are bigger than AA and AAA batteries. These dry cells can power up flashlights, musical instruments, toys, PLC-CNC, and other items. Its standard size is 50.0 mm in length with a diameter of 26.2 mm. It can be purchased as either a rechargeable battery or a primary one. Make sure you get the right variant for your desired applications for greater security and safety purposes. For instance, Procell Alkaline C batteries are used for general purposes and low drain devices only. Its other variant, the Procell INTENSE Power C batteries are used for high drain devices. Battery weight and other features slightly vary on the chemistry.

Price Range

- Primary C: $5.95 - $287.45 approx. (depending on brand and package options)

- Rechargeable C - $6.77 - $300.00 approx. (depending on brand and package options)

Energizer Max Plus Advanced C


D Size Battery

The D battery is larger than the C cell. It is also used in flashlights, PLC-CNC, automatic paper towel dispensers, torches, healthcare, manufacturing, and other suitable applications. This either exists as both primary and rechargeable battery. It is also made of different chemicals. D-size battery dimensions and features slightly differ based on the chemistry of a certain cell. D-size batteries are frequently used in applications that are high drain. Though some D batteries are also used in low drain devices. Make sure to get suitable batteries to optimize your devices and battery performance.

D batteries

Price Range

- Primary D: $3.58 - $75.45 approx. (depending on brand and package options)

- Rechargeable D - $10.86 - $73.45 approx. (depending on brand and package options)


9V Battery

The 9-volt battery differs in shape and characters from the other four common cells. Its shape is rectangular and comes with a higher voltage than the others, that is 9 volts. It is frequently used in smoke detectorssanitary servicesmicrophones, clocks, walkie-talkies, and other related devices. 9V batteries are either rechargeable batteries or primary ones, depending on the cell’s chemistry. Most of the 9V batteries that are usually in high market demand are made of Alkaline and NIMH. Volt batteries of different brands may also have a varying shelf life and other features. based on their specific brands. Some 9 volt cells are made for low drain and general-purpose while particular 9V batteries are designed for high drain devices only.

9V battery

Price Range

- Primary 9V: $1.21 - $79.95 approx. (depending on brand and package options)

- Rechargeable 9V: $4.46 - $375.00 approx. (depending on brand and package options)


These 5 batteries are so popular even around the world as these power almost all domestic gadgets and even portable industrial items that you can find in such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, contractingcommercial propertieshospitality, and other sectors.



Talking about battery types, these are primary or disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries. Primary batteries are usually made of AlkalineLithium, and other related battery chemistries. When it comes to rechargeable batteries, there are rechargeable Alkaline, Lithium ion, Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lead Acid, Lithium Polymer, Lead Acid, and other Lithium variants.

battery sizes


Primary or non-rechargeable batteries are usually Lithium and Alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries have a power density of 100 Wh/Kg. The advantages of using an Alkaline battery are almost endless. These include having more cycle life and shelf life, low leakage, high efficiency, and greater compatibility with portable devices due to their small size. Another advantage of using an alkaline battery is that it has a low internal resistance resulting in less discharge in the idle state. The only disadvantage of alkaline batteries is that it is a bit costly compared to lithium batteries.

Cylindrical Lithium batteries and lithium coins are usually called specialty cells. These also the Lithium coins or button-like cells that are also known as coin cells. These are so small that they are common in hearing aids, watches, and other devices requiring tiny batteries. Batteries that are classified as specialty cells are CR123, CR2016,CR2032, CR2025 , 23A, and other car batteries. These are among the most common ones. Other coin cells include CR927, CR1025 , CR1130, CR1216 , CR1225 , CR1616, CR1620 , CR1632 , CR2012,CR2020 , CR2040, CR2050, CR2320, CR2325 , CR2330, BR2335, CR2354, CR2412 , CR2430 , CR2450, CR2477 , CR3032 , CR11108.



It almost looks like AA batteries with a relatively smaller length. While it has a smaller size than AA, it has a voltage of 3V, which is twice the voltage of a double AA battery. With its “large power to size ratio” CR123 or CR123A can last longer than other batteries. These batteries are good for devices requiring lots of power such as the LED flashlight and other related gadgets.

Price ranges from approximately $6.95 to $104.75


The 3V Lithium battery is made for high drain devices in peak performance. It has a long battery operating life and a low self-discharge rate. This 100% corrosion-resistance battery is ideal for such applications as golf range finders, medical devices, security systems, cameras, calculators, tablet PC, and many other related devices.

Price ranges from approximately $7.63 to around $99.


The 23A batteries have a large voltage of 12V. These small yet powerful batteries are used in applications rarely requiring powerful bursts of energy. These are commonly used in applications such as specialized medical devices, remotes, garage door openers, and watches.

Price ranges from approximately $4.95 to $7.98/piece or blister pack.



button batteries on hand

These batteries have 3V nominal voltage with 3 mA maximum discharge current and a 15mA pulse discharge current. CR2032 batteries are the most common lithium cells having 2.9 grams in weight. These provide reliable long-lasting power with their high power to weight ratio. These are commonly used in such devices as medical devices, calculators, watches, toys, compact thermometers, real-time clocks (RTC) in computer motherboards, PCB, and memory back-ups (MBUs).

Price ranges from approximately $3.95 to $20.96/piece


This 3V battery is loaded with power has a stable reliable power with high performance. It has a long battery life with strong resistance against corrosion. It also has a low self-discharge rate that makes it ideal for portable electronics like pocket calculators, keyless entry for vehicles, transmitters, wristwatches, hearing aids, laser pointers, small PDA devices, heart rate monitors, cycle computers, digital altimeter, various electronic toys, digital thermometers, PCMCIA static RAM boards, laser pointers, small PDA devices, and many other related applications. It has a diameter of 20.0 mm with a thickness or height of 2.5 mm.

Price ranges from approximately $2.45 to $16.45/piece

CR2025 lithium coins

The CR2016 battery has a nominal voltage of 3V. It provides high stability during the lifetime of the application. It has reliable performance with long battery life and a low self-discharge rate. Most CR2016 batteries have high corrosion resistance. These are commonly used in toys, calculators, car key remote, security devices, Bluetooth trackers, wireless sensors, watches, fitness devices, PCB, medical devices and MBUs.

Price ranges from approximately $2.45 to $10.95/piece


The CR927 battery is a non-rechargeable Lithium cell that has a nominal voltage of 3V. It has a shelf life that lasts for up to ten years The CR927 battery is commonly used in most portable electronic devices such as garage door openers, LED lights, car starters, toys, laser pointers, remote controls, fitness sensors, motherboards, keyless entry systems, medical devices, and many other related applications. It has a nominal voltage of 3V. This non-rechargeable Lithium cell has a long shelf life that can last for up to ten years. It is so lightweight, having 0.6 grams in weight. It has a dimension of 9.5 mm in diameter and 2.7 mm in height.

Price ranges from approximately $0.09 to $29.95 (depends on the number of cells in a blister/pack)


CR1025 is another Lithium coin cell with a high nominal voltage of 3V. This is said to have reliable power that lasts longer for up to 10 years of shelf life. It has a diameter of 10mm and a weight of 0.7 grams. It has a very low self-discharge rate. It is also highly reliable and 100% safe to use. It also serves a wide range of temperatures. This makes it ideal for a vast range of applications such as medical devices, fitness applications, digital watches, garage remote, laser pens, calculators, memory back-ups, and many other devices.

Price ranges from approximately $4.95 to $30.95


CR1216 is another button cell made of Lithium that has a diameter of 12.5 mm. This battery is lightweight at 0.7 grams. It also shows an impressive shelf life that lasts for up to 10 years along with a low self-discharge. Other features include a very high weight to power ratio as it has a nominal voltage of 3V. It can also operate at a wide temperature range starting at -30°C to +60°C.

Price ranges from approximately $4.95 to $26.95 

Common Applications:

- Fitness Appliances

Memory Back-ups (MBUs)

- Car Keys

Laser Pens

- Calculators

Digital Watches

- Thermometer

- Tensiometer

- Other medical devices


Having a diameter of 12.5 mm and a weight of 0.9 g, the CR1220  lithium coin is made for greater durability, longevity, and reliability. It has a nominal voltage of 3V with a long shelf life that lasts for up to 10 years. It also serves a wide range of temperatures at -30°C to +60°C and comes with a low self-discharge. This battery possesses a high level of protection against leakage and serves a wide array of devices.

Price ranges from approximately $4.95 to $19.94. 


Ideal Applications: 

- Calculators

Car Keys

- Fitness Appliances

- Medical devices

- Laser Pens

- Lighted Watches

- LED Decorator Lights

LED flashlights


The CR2430 Lithium coin cell takes pride in having long-lasting reliable power with its shelf life that lasts for up to 10 years. It has a nominal voltage of 3V and the dimensions of 24.5 mm in diameter and a height or thickness of 3.0 mm. Having a low self-discharge and serving a wide range of temperature, CR2430 battery has passed the various tests for high reliability and safety to its consumers. This battery is ideal for small yet powerful devices.

Price ranges from approximately $4.46 to $29.94.  

Common Applications:

- Calculators

- Car Keys

- Fitness Appliances

- Medical devices

- Laser Pens

- Lighted Watches

- LED Decorator Lights

- LED flashlights


This Lithium coin cell has a nominal voltage of 3V. It has a diameter of 24.5mm with 5.0 mm and a weight of 6.27 grams. It has an impressive shelf life lasting for about ten years or even more. Having a nominal voltage of 3V, its typical capacity 620mAh. This coin cell requires high current, long-lasting power yet infrequent changes that let you save more money than doing regular battery replacements with other batteries. Applications are the same as CR2430.

Price ranges from approximately $4.46 to $40.45.


CR1225 has a voltage of 3V. This Lithium coin cell has dimensions of 12.5 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm in diameter. It has a battery capacity of 48.0 mAh. It also has advanced performance and works well even in extreme temperatures. This battery offers long-lasting high reliable power, meeting the highest quality standards. The product is ideal for tiny sensor node applications. This battery is available in single units or a blister card package.

Price ranges from approximately $4.46 to $40.45.

Other common uses:

- Toys

- Healthcare Industry

- Payment Systems

- Measuring Equipment

- Telecommunications

- Automotive and Computer Industries


CR1616 is another Lithium coin battery with 3V as its nominal voltage. The battery dimensions include a diameter of 16.0 mm and a height/thickness of 1.6 mm. It has a typical weight of 1.1 grams. It has a typical capacity of 25mAh and an energy density of 133mWh/g, this high power long-lasting Lithium cell serves a wide range of devices at extreme temperatures.

Price ranges from approximately $3.95 to $27.45

Common Applications:



Healthcare Industry

- Payment Systems

Measuring Equipment

- Telecommunications

Automotive and Computer Industries


Other sizes of watch batteries Australia with almost the same dimensions and applications are CR1620CR1632CR2012CR2020CR2320CR2325CR2330BR2335, CR2354CR2412CR2477CR3032CR11108CR1130, and many other related variants. These coin cell batteries give such wonderful benefits as they are very lightweight in nature, tiny in size yet with a high nominal voltage, high density, and long shelf life. Arranging these batteries serially provides high voltage easily. It is even more interesting to know that these are very affordable. The only drawbacks are these have low current draw capabilities and need battery holders. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons of using these button cells.



Tenergy 4 cell LiIon 123A 400mA charger w' 4 x 123A battery

Knowing the right rechargeable battery for your device also introduces you to know the proper battery size for battery replacements in case you need to do so. Rechargeable batteries are made up of such chemistries as LithiumLithium ionNiCadNiMHLiFEPO4Lithium Thionyl Chloride Silver Oxide Zinc AirCarbon ZincAGM/SLA, and other options. These rechargeable batteries are available in almost any battery size. Every battery chemistry has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, NiMH batteries may have their own features that are not in NiCad or the rechargeable alkaline batteries. Lead batteries, on the other hand, are bigger batteries that may not have other characteristics or advantages that can be found in smaller batteries. This is the reason why you have to understand the different sizes, types, chemistries, and other related factors to help you find the precise batteries you need for every type of application and device you wish to optimize.


These battery chemistries have different standard sizes. AAAAACD9Vbutton cellscar batteries, and other specialty cells have different rechargeable battery options and brands to choose from. Other batteries include 4/5AA, 1/2AA, AAAA, A, B, C, SC, F, N, A11, A23, A27, BA5800, Duplex, 4SR44, lantern batteries , and many other variants that may be obsolete. It is best to ask your device manufacturer to get the best battery replacement to preserve both the device and batteries.



mechanic on car battery voltage

Car batteries vary in size, too. When shopping for the right batteries or battery replacements for your vehicles, remember to take note of the specific size of your car battery, the brand, reserve capacity, age, and cold- cranking amps .

Here are the most commonly used car and truck batteries.

  • Size 75: Most General Motors cars
  • Size 65: Large-bodied Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury cars
  • Size 35: Recent Honda, Nissan, and Toyota cars
  • Size 34: Most Chrysler cars
  • Size 34/78: Some Chrysler and General Motors cars


GC2 and GC2H are sizes for 6V electric vehicle batteries. Other passenger vehicle batteries include 21, 21R, 22F, 22HF, 22NF, 22F, 22R, 24H, 24R, 24T, 25, 26, 26R, 27F, 27H, 29NF, 36R, 40R, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 50, 51, 51R, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 58R, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 76, 85, 86, 90, 91, 92, 93, 95R, 96R, 97R, and 98R.



Large batteries that are used for heavy equipment are considered as specialty batteries. These are categorized as 12V, 22V, and 44V. These are used for motorbike and other large vehicles.



Battery sizes Australia gives you the various battery options for any type of application you need. Getting to know the various sizes will give you a wide range of batteries to choose from in optimizing the performance of your devices. Proper disposal and recycling concerns must also be managed properly within the various industries and sectors across the globe. 




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