7 Benefits of Using Lithium Marine Batteries

As of today, batteries are essential as technology. We need them in our everyday lives as a reliable power source, energy supplier for electronics, vehicles and other applications. Lithium battery is one of the efficient batteries which gives not just power needs but unrivalled performance as well.

Lithium batteries supply more power requirements and can use a huge capacity of appliances such as onboard systems, portable fridges, washing machines, etc. However, finding the right lithium marine batteries can be challenging. In this article, you'll find out why lithium batteries are preferred now more than traditional lead-acid batteries.

These are only some of all the benefits of lithium marine batteries.


Weighs Less

Boat batteries / Absorbed Glass Mat or AGM batteries' weight is reduced giving more space and control for equipment or for an additional stored battery capacity. They are much lighter than gel batteries which are twice the weight of a lithium battery. The weight reduction of deep cycle battery aids in increasing fuel efficiency and better performance making lithium battery a perfect accompaniment for off-road vehicles.

High Performance

Lithium deep cycle battery holds its voltage over the cycle, giving more power for marine applications than lead-acid battery which releases fewer Amps limiting the use of appliances. Lithium batteries provide more usable amp hours capacity available than lead-acid batteries before they are needed to recharge without worrying to damage the battery.

Convenient and Economical

Deep cycle batteries are maintenance-free, cost-effective and have longer-lasting power than lead-acid batteries. Lithium deep cycle batteries can still work and can hold out against cold weather or climate and are also the best fit during a camping trip.


Spend Less Time Charging

Fast charging than lead-acid batteries, which take a lot of time to be recharged. They retrieve more energy from solar panels as well because they charge more effectively than other batteries; therefore they are reliable and suitable as the perfect battery bank. In terms of a charger, not all makers of lithium marine batteries are in need of a lithium battery charger. They can be charged with any AGM or gel batteries charger.

Long Lifespan

Lithium marine batteries can be used and last longer than lead-acid batteries. A battery's life is estimated through the number of cycles at a certain discharge. Deep cycle battery or cranking battery's estimated usage is at the range of 5,000 cycles and more when used attentively, rather than lead-acid battery which only lasts for 500 to 1,000 cycles. In terms of reliable power and long life, you might go through three to four lead-acid batteries, the same time as using one lithium deep cycle battery.

Good for a Boat

Lithium deep cycle batteries are sealed, therefore no splash of water or moisture can harm them. Plus, they possess high battery life which can be used for marine applications and appliances namely the fish finder or trolling motor.

Battery Management System

Lithium deep cycle batteries have an internal battery management system (BMS), meaning the BMS will immediately shut down the battery if a dangerous or unsafe condition is identified in order to prevent any damage or thermal explosion. This would give you enough confidence in its reliability.

Marine battery manufacturers make their marine batteries based on deep cycle batteries because they have thicker plates which make them efficient for large discharge of power for a longer time.

They also provide power to the engine alternator, wind generator and shore power charger.

For example, the Baintech lithium marine battery uses the latest generation lithium iron phosphate that can be used for a long period and the battery has enough power requirements that you need.