Battery Breakdown: Optima Redtop

Battery Breakdown is a new series of blogs where we review the features, benefits, specs, and safety of batteries brands that we stock.

The Optima Redtop is an AGM battery with high-performance capability. This ignition battery is built to provide strong amperage output in short bursts.

Why Optima Redtop?

The Redtop gives off strong starting bursts for a reliable start-up every time. 

Resistant to the most common causes of battery failure, the Redtop has an unrivalled recharge time.

Upside down or sideways, it can be placed in any position and is flexible with space.


Like the rest of the Optima range, it is 15 times more vibration resistant than other batteries of it's kind, meaning it can handle whatever conditions you throw at it.

Fully sealed making it spill and leak proof.


- Trucks 

- SUVs

- Hot rods 

- Streetcars 

- Any high-performance application that requires a spill-proof starting battery.


Optima is happy to replace any defective product free of charge, within the free replacement period from the date of original purchase.

Read Optima’s Warranty policy here.