Battery Breakdown: Optima Yellowtop

Battery Breakdown is a new series of blogs where we review the features, benefits, specs, and safety of batteries brands that we stock.

The Yellowtop is a high-performance AGM battery. With impressive deep cycle abilities and cranking power, this battery is perfectly suited to any 21stcentury vehicle that’s loaded with accessories. 

If you drive around with a giant subwoofer in the boot or need to operate heavy equipment, this may just be the battery you've been after!






Why Optima Yellowtop?

The Yellowtop is a maintenance free AGM battery that requires no maintenance at all. 

With 300 charge/discharge cycles, the Yellowtop will last you for years. 

You can also mount it in any position, thanks to its childproof properties.

Visually, Optima has pulled out all stops and made the Yellowtop appealing to look at and easy on the eye.


With a high resistance to vibration, this battery is ready to take on any terrain you subject it to, and you won’t have to worry about spillage and leaks as it is fully sealed. 


- Vehicles with high demand audio or electronic systems 

- Trucks with winches

- Commercial vehicles 

- Heavy equipment


Optima is happy to replace any defective product free of charge, within the free replacement period from the date of original purchase.

Read Optima’s Warranty policy here