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If you’re a motocross rev head who can’t stay off the tracks, SSB's Powersport Lithium range will power your dirtbike addiction until the sun goes down. 

These Lithium- Ion Phosphate Batteries are an extreme lightweight battery that's designed for starting applications.

Why PowerSport Lithium?

Not only are these batteries extremely light, but they have an insanely fast recharge time and will last for years. 

The lithium range is built with prismatic cells , which are better suited to starting applications than cylindrical cells . This gives them the ability to withstand anything you put it through in the track. 

With the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, PowerSport lithium batteries are extremely durable and will serve you for years on end.

Dirt bike


- Every battery in the SSB PowerSport is fully sealed, making them spill and leak proof.

- Manufactured to International Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001

- Fully Recyclable (Read our post on battery recycling)

- Non-combustible 


All SSB products come with a 2-year replacement warranty. 


These batteries are mainly intended for starting dirt bike applications.