SLI battery boosts automobile's performance


What is an SLI Battery?

That’s a great question! And one we get asked a lot. 

An SLI Battery is a rechargeable, lead-acid battery, that is primarily used in automotive applications.

An SLI battery is used for the three most important features in a vehicle, the starter motor, the lighting and the ignition system.

SLI Stating Lighting Ignition

In a vehicle charging system, the battery is going through continuous cycles of charge and discharge when the vehicle is being used. When the SLI loses 5% of its charge, the alternating current goes through a set of diodes, known as the rectifier, and is converted to direct current. The voltage rectifier then regulated the DC current to be safe enough to recharge the battery. 

Deep Cycle vs SLI

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to be deeply discharged but are not well suited for use in cars and other automotive applications. 

When SLI batteries are completely discharged, the plates can be damaged, affecting the battery’s lifespan. Whereas Deep Cycle batteries are obviously better at handling these cycles.

Deep cycle batteries use thick lead plates, while SLI’s use thinner ones with lead dioxide materials. You will receive a steady, lower current from deep cycle compared to the higher current produced by an SLI battery.

Difference between an SLI battery and a Deep Cycle