Now that you’re probably a bit more confident in your riding ability and have hopefully been getting your bike ready and even speaking to professionals, it’s now time to look into some great equipment that any great rider should have. 

Wheel Chock

A wheel chock is a handy little thing that you permanently mount in a van or ute. It helps keep your bike balanced while you transport it to and from the track. It’s good to have a wheel chock as it can keep your bike stable and secure. Most kits come with a mounting kit and they only cost about $60.00. 


This is a good way to measure how well you’re doing by timing yourself and giving you accurate measurements on what your average and maximum speed and distance is. A speedometer has a speed sensor to give you an accurate reading.

Motorcycle Cover


If you’re worried about your bike when you’re not using it, and you can’t leave it undercover or indoors, you’ll want to buy a motorcycle cover. They’re designed to fit all types of bikes and cost under $100. They’re great for weather protection and can prevent rust and corrosion. Just make sure your under-seat exhaust has cooled before you place your cover over it.


Since we film everything these days. As you start to improve, you might as well film yourself on the track to show off to everyone at work or your family at Christmas. A lot of Moto Vloggers use these to post on YouTube. It can also help you spot where you’re going wrong and need to improve.