Product Breakdown: iPOWER Lithium Fast Smart Charger

If you have a pack of rechargeable batteries that need more power, you'll want to treat yourself to a charger that can have those batteries back at the top in no time.

Introducing the iPower 8xAA Lithium Fast Smart Charger.

Why Buy?

Not only can this thing charge Li-Ion Polymer Batteries, but it can also charge NiMH and NiCd batteries too. 

Overcharging batteries is one of the main reasons why they don't last. The Smart Thermal Guard prevents this discontinuing charging when the batteries overheat. 

Li-ion (Li-Polymer) Batteries Charging mode:

  • 8 independent charging channels.
  • Smart charge functions with CC (constant current), CV (Constant voltage) & Balance series.
  • Fast charge Li-Polymer AA 2600 mWh battery in 1.5 hours.
  • Auto-detection, auto protection, and auto-stop.
  • Dual color LED display (Charging: Red, Full: Green)
    The charger will shut off after the batteries are fully charged. (CV trickle charge) 

Ni-MH & Ni-CD Batteries Charging mode:

  • 8 independent charging channels.
  • Smart charge functions with Negative Delta V and Zero Delta V program control.
  • Auto trickle charge & charging protection with voltage and timer control.
  • Fast Charging Ni-MH (Ni-CD) AA battery in 2.0~2.5 hours.


In the Box

In the packaging, you will receive an AA Battery Fast Smart Charger, one universal power adapter, and one Car Cord (DC12V).

The batteries in the images are not included but we will link in the Related Products section.


  • High Temperature, Reverse insert, Defective battery, Non- rechargeable battery , Over Charge
  • Dual charging mode: Li-ion (Li-Polymer) or NiMH (NiCd).
  • Eight Independent channels with dual color LED. 
  • Ability to charge different capacity batteries at the same time.


This product carries a full one-year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse,
unauthorized repair/alternations to the product or failure to follow operating instructions.