When being stuck with a flat battery just isn't an option, you'll need a reliable jump starter that can get your battery back in action.

That's why you need the SSB LifePak 1200AH, Lithium Jump Starter + Power Supply.


Why SSB?

HB Battery Specialists are a known supplier of SSB products, and we swear on them. They design, develop and manufacture state of the art batteries and accessories that are used by people all over Australia.

What's in the box?

The LifePak Lithium Jump starter comes with a pair of alligator clips, USB phone charging cables, and DC connectors. 

This comes in an easy to transport, zip up bag to make storage a breeze. 








The Product

This Jump Starter and Power Supply is intented for lithium batteries.

It is a 12 Volt charger.


All SSB products comes with a 3-year full replacement warranty.