Understanding Procell Duracell - The New Industrial Standard Battery Power Experience

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Fact: demand for industrial batteries is on the rise. 

According to Grand View Research, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for industrial batteries averages $6 billion. And this is likely to rise through 2027.

This owes to the rise in demand for backup power in the industrial sector, with a particular requirement for grid-level energy batteries used in power devices and high-drain applications.

Industrial by Duracell was once the household name for Duracell industrial batteries. This line of industrial batteries operates on high-drain applications like industrial remote security cameras, electric door locks and motorized blinds.

Back in 2019, Duracell renamed this line of alkaline batteries to Procell, a commitment to maintaining the same industrial premium-quality, reliable power, better packaging, and lower overall cost.

This premium battery brand is specific to the professional market, including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), governmental organizations and professional end-users.

Procell industrial batteries run on the tried-and-true Procell-Duracell battery technology, bringing in a performance boost, durability, and long-lasting battery energy.

For example, Duracell Procell batteries are designed to reduce battery to battery variability and eliminate leakage in the non-uniform load for batteries connected in parallel.

Procell Duracell industrial batteries package a distinct, alkaline power profile technology that extends battery life, increases battery safety and slashes battery replacement expenses.

Today, you will learn the following about Procell Duracell batteries:

  • Quick facts about industrial Procell Duracell batteries.
  • Categorization of Procell Duracell batteries (industrial product variety).
  • Industrial use cases for Duracell Procell batteries.

What Exactly Are Duracell Procell Industrial Batteries?

Duracell Procell batteries exhibit the following properties:

Duracell Procell Batteries Are Superior In Battery Cell Construction and Chemistry

Alkaline Manganese-Dioxide battery chemistry gives them a top-rated reputation among similar batteries in the zinc anode battery system.

Its design fits environments that prioritize reliability and economy. Furthermore, this Manganese-Oxide composition provides a high energy battery density compared to their zinc-carbon counterparts.

The Manganese-Oxide composition consists of a manganese dioxide cathode, a zinc anode and an electrolyte made of potassium hydroxide, which is highly conductive.

The table below summarizes the Duracell Procell properties:

Battery Property Battery Description
Designation IEC LR6
Chemical Category Alkaline
Chemistry Zinc Manganese-Oxide (Zn/MnO2)
Weight 24.0 grams
Terminals Flat
Operating Temperature -20 to 54°C (-4 to 130°F)
Nominal Voltage 1.5v
Shelf Life 7 years at 21°C

Duracell Procell is a go-to battery choice for wireless devices like wireless mics, given its low cost of service and moderate battery discharge curve.

Duracell Procell Batteries Are Built to Last Longer

They come with zinc, manganese and graphite construction. This gives the Procell Duracell alkaline battery a higher density, proportional to its battery power and energy.

The Duracell Procell houses 30% more battery power compared to its competitors.

The Procell Alkaline Intense Power battery, for instance, has a 10-year lifespan. This means lesser expenses on alkaline battery replacement, thus operational profit.

Duracell Procell Batteries Are Specific to the Devices They Power

Detailed lab research has been done to ensure Duracell Procell batteries work optimally for targeted devices like remote security cameras, electronic door locks and seismic sensors.

This specific Duracell Procell alkaline battery technology is backed up by a customer support team that is trained to handle any issues during operation.

Duracell Procell Batteries Are Designed for Rugged Experiences

The Procell Alkaline Intense Power battery is designed to handle rugged experiences, including significantly lower temperatures (below zero) and those that rise to 54°C. This happens without loss of performance.

Duracell Procell Batteries Are Friendly to the Environment

The Duracell Procell upgrade had the environment in mind: all batteries, including AA, AAA and 9V batteries, are built for safety.

The green Duracell Procell credentials include cardboard packing with biodegradable, minimum plastic, and elimination of mercury, which makes disposal even safer.

Duracell Procell Product Classification

The Duracell Procell alkaline battery system is generally classified into 4 major categories as follows:

Procell High Power Lithium Battery

This Procell alkaline battery type is built to provide professional devices with safe power. They handle discharge pressure for a large number of applications, especially under continuous drain. An example device is a heart rate monitor.

Battery sizes include 123(PC123)  and CR2(PCCR2).

Procell Alkaline Battery