Essential Safety Gear that Every Motocross Enthusiast Must Have

You can be a top tier racer, but that still doesn’t mean you’re immune to crashes and injury.



As much of a good time as motocross is, it is important that you make safety your number one priority when you ride. Broken limbs, smashed kneecaps and even comas are often the result of failure to take correct safety measures.

So what safety gear should you use to prevent this handicapped fate?







Just like that BMX you rode to primary school, you have to wear a helmet when you ride, on the track, or the street. Helmets protect you from potentially life altering head injuries. Most head injuries are actually avoidable as a result of helmets. 

Chest + Back Armour


Designed with materials to protect your torso from the harsh reality of a spinal injury, it can also protect you from injury on loose terrain, flying rocks and dirt, unexpected trees and even some friendly fire from your own handlebars. 


Footwear is important, and not just because its lame to be out on the track in your Vans. 

Motocross boots are designed to be light and make it easy to move your feet around, while also giving you a good grip on the bike and protecting your ankles. 

They are padded and designed to give complete feel and optimized interaction with bike controls, while the innovative buckle system allows easy, precise closure.

Protective Clothing 

Another crucial piece of safety gear. Protective jackets and pants are normally made of leather and can prevent dame to the skin if the rider is thrown to the ground. The leather is normally made from kangaroo skin as it is thicker and allows for more safety. Leather also looks cool as hell when you’re riding. 

Knee + Elbow Guards


Important for the protection of your knees and elbows, they’re normally made of a strong plastic that can handle the intense physical demands of motocross. They are also designed to allow freedom of moment for the rider. These are a cheap accessory that can make all the difference if you have a crash.  

There is so much more safety gear that you can get. Remember, the more the better. This site here has heaps of top of the line gear.

If you decide to go to a riding school, talk to the people about what gear and which brand they would recommend.