Lithium AA Rechargeable Batteries

You probably don’t think much of lithium-ion AA batteries and barely notice their worldwide presence.

It’s not until they need recharging that you start thinking about them.

Fortunately, there are plenty of charger brands to turn to, each with vital features like overcharge protection and display monitors that track charging progress.

Here are three excellent charger options for your lithium-ion AA batteries:

  • iPower 8 Lithium Smart Charger

We’ll be looking at each charger option and how they affect lithium AA batteries.

Option 1 - iPower 8 Lithium Smart Charger

iPower 8 lithium smart charger
I-POWER 8 x AA Lithium Fast Smart Charger

Smart Charging

Smart charging is a must-have feature for top lithium battery chargers, which is why iPower 8 is an excellent choice.

This feature enables chargers to detect and adapt to varying charge states (cell balancing), prolonging battery life.

Lithium batteries all have slight differences due to their electrochemical nature—even cells manufactured in similar conditions and from the same batch.

Some cells have higher operating temperatures and, therefore, self-discharge faster, meaning similar battery types can have different depths of discharge (DoD) before charging.

This means your batteries will have different recharge times, which is a problem for analogue chargers that can’t detect individual battery levels.

Such chargers automatically stop once the least discharged battery is restored. So if you’re charging multiple batteries simultaneously, some will only partially recharge.

iPower 8 features eight independent charging channels that can detect individual battery levels.

Each channel charges its assigned battery to total capacity, independent of the other channels and battery levels.

As such, iPower 8 can deliver different charging stages concurrently, from the initial constant current charge (for deeply discharged batteries) to the final topping charge (for fully charged batteries).

Extra Features:

  • Reverse polarity protection: iPower 8 detects wrongly connected batteries and prevents reverse charging that can otherwise lead to damage and serious injuries.
  • Multi-chemistry charging: Along with lithium-ion cells, iPower 8 supports multiple battery chemistries like nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride and can charge different chemistries at once.
  • Defective battery sensing: iPower 8 detects aged or damaged batteries that can no longer charge or function correctly.

“We use 11 wireless transmitters in a church setting so far the batteries and chargers have been operating very well with long usage time and fast charging.”
Rik W.—Australia

Option 2 - XTAR VC4S Lithium Charger

XTAR VC4S lithium charger
XTAR VC4S 4 Cell LiIon-NiMH Battery Charger with LCD display

Specifications Ratings
Operating temperature 0–40°C
Net weight 212 g
Cutoff voltage 4.2/1.45 V
Cutoff current ≤ 120 mA
Input QC 3.0 port (5V/3A or 9V/2A)
Max current 3 A

Offers High-Precision Overcharge Protection

Over the years, factory fires, exploding cell phone batteries, and the grounding of an entire Boeing 787 fleet have demonstrated how potentially dangerous lithium batteries can be.

One particular concern is the risk of overcharging them.

Lithium batteries operate safely within their specified voltages, but charging them beyond their limits builds up ions at the positive terminal (anode), which form metal lithium plates.

The plating act like dendrites within the cell, causing short circuiting between the electrodes, which raises the internal cell temperature, resulting in thermal runaway, damaged cells, and possibly fire.

XTAR VC4S features highly-precise overcharge protection to prevent thermal runaway cutting off charging within 0.05 volts of your battery’s charging limit to ensure safety.

For instance, If your lithium battery has a charge limit of 3.70 V/cell, charging will be limited to 3.65 V/cell.

The charger uses four independent charging channels to monitor individual terminal voltages. Once a battery achieves maximum voltage, charging stops on that channel as the rest continue.

Real-Time Monitoring

XTAR VC4S features a colourful LCD that allows you to monitor your battery’s charging status.

During charging, the display features four independent gauges for each of the four charging channels.

Each gauge tracks voltage levels and charging currents to determine your battery's state of charge and charge acceptance.

The voltage gauges rise to indicate a full charge, while the current gauges drop to show reduced charge acceptance.

Extra Features:

  • Temperature control: XTAR’s built-in thermal control system keeps charging temperature under 15°C by dissipating excess heat through vents at the back of the charger.
  • Grading mode: This feature tests actual battery capacity by fully draining and charging your cells. The depth of discharge and the state of charge are accurate battery capacity indicators.
  • Reverse polarity protection: XTAR charger automatically detects inversely placed batteries and prevents charging to avoid damage.
  • Zero volt activation: This function automatically detects and revives deeply discharged batteries by activating low voltage charging.

Option 3 - XTAR VC2S Lithium Charger

XTAR VC2S lithium charger
XTAR VC2S 2 Cell Lithium VC2S

Power Bank Output Function

The VC2S charger includes two charging channels, a micro USB charging cable and an output port that turns it into your power bank.

When a charged lithium-ion cell (with more than 3 V) is placed in either charging channel, the USB cable draws power from the output port to the charging device.

The port discharges from channel 1 before channel 2 at a maximum rate of 1.0 A, which is enough to charge most devices like GoPros, mobile phones, and Bluetooth headsets.

The charger also displays two gauges for each channel to help you monitor the depth of discharge and avoid deep drainage.

Where to Buy Lithium AA Chargers

lithium AA charger on an electric outlet

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Whether you're looking to replace a single lithium AA charger or shopping for a large consignment of chargers for your business, we are stocked for all your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What charging speed should I use for my batteries?

Slower charging rates are less demanding on the battery and give you more charge cycles before the battery wears out.

Is it normal for my lithium charger to become warm when charging?

Yes. The chemical process of charging lithium batteries generates heat, most of it generated during saturation charge.

However, if the charger gets too hot, disconnect it immediately.

Can I charge primary lithium batteries with my lithium charger?

No. Primary lithium batteries cannot be recharged and are extremely risky.

If this occurs, gas is generated within the battery, raising its internal pressure, which may result in venting or even an explosion.

Can I open my lithium charger to make modifications?

No. Battery chargers don’t have customer-serviceable components and shouldn’t ever be opened.

Doing so not only cancels any available warranty and endangers your health, but also exposes your property to severe damage.